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Nest Thermostat: The Best Home Accessory?

Nest ThermostatEvery home has a thermostat that controls the heat and air conditioning. Some thermostats are better than others though. If you live in an older home, it might be time for an upgrade. If you are upgrading, you should consider a Nest thermostat. A Nest is one of the latest technological advancements in home management. Here is a closer look at this revolutionary device.

Role of a Thermostat in the Home

A thermostat is a very important component of a heating or cooling system. This device will be in charge of controlling the indoor temperature. It is a simple item that impacts comfort levels throughout the house. Convenience is becoming the norm with this type of device. Many homes use digital models that can be specially programmed for individual needs. A thermostat may also keep the heating system working properly for as long as possible. Since a thermostat is at the center of comfort, it is essential to choose one that functions well. When the thermostat works adequately, it may lead to energy savings as well.

Choose the Best…Choose Nest

One of the most reliable types of thermostats is a Nest thermostat. This device rests on technology to regulate temperature control. A Nest thermostat is simple to install and works much better than most programmable models. A Nest thermostat allows for temperature regulation that helps a homeowner save money. For example, this device learns the habits of homeowners. It can also be controlled from a smart phone or computer device. This type if thermostat is different from other digital thermostats because it offers a higher amount of proactive control. The intuitive design is heads above the competition.

Rave Reviews of Nest

Feedback from users of Nest thermostats is centered around the beautiful design and powerful features. Instead of a bland plastic box on the wall, the Nest thermostat is very stylish. Its housing is glass and features brushed metal trim. It is very high tech and has a clean design. To use the device, a person must press the outer ring, which brings up the main menu. This is the basis for controlling the entire unit. Following initial setup, it can be controlled through wireless Internet connection. This is a major bonus. Besides temperature control, the Nest thermostat has activity sensors, a humidity sensor, and WiFi radio. The various sensors activate automatic features and help to track daily usage. Installation is extremely simple as well. On the downside, a customer will not receive much written instruction with the device. However, if your Nest thermostat is installed by a professional installer, like Mark’s Heating and AC, you will receive a FREE hands-on demo and tutorial to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us now to learn more.

FREE Offer!

In the end, a Nest thermostat will save money on heating and cooling bills. No other device can adjust through remote Internet management. Even though it costs more than a conventional thermostat, it will pay for itself within months of use. It is definitely recommended for a homeowner who is into new technology and is looking to save money on energy bills. The Nest thermostat has raised the bar in home heating and cooling control technology. No other device is as “smart” or feature-rich. Despite the higher price, this unit offers a homeowner the ability to control temperature in a much more efficient manner. As a special offer, from Mark’s Heating and AC, if you get a new AC install from Mark’s Heating and AC, you will receive a FREE Nest thermostat. Give us a call at 214-676-7411 for your FREE evaluation.

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